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You found us on the first page for the phrase "SEO agency Vancouver". We can do the same for your business, eCommerce or blog site. We are SEO service providers in Vancouver with a knack for optimizing websites, blogs, online stores to show up on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)

The Services We Provide

We are a full service internet marketing agency

Website SEO

SEO is vital for any website and every business. Without it you will be missing out on a huge number of potential customers.

That is why at SAV, we offer a premium SEO service that is perfect for every business type. From small businesses to large ones, we have all the tools to guarantee that your content is seen by as many people as possible. SEO is the foundation of your website and is the best way to build an organic presence online. Our SEO services require no advertising payment and are quick and simple. We offer contract lengths from anywhere from a month to twelve. This helps you to select the time frame that is best suited to your budget and your SEO needs. Flexibility is key in our services and you will only pay for what you get.

Internet Marketing

The icing on the cake is internet marketing. Internet marketing involves promoting a business using a variety of tools that will help divert traffic, leads and sales.

Internet marketing is key for building a relationship with your traffic.

Marketing is all about getting peoples interest. This could be through content. At SEO Agency Vancouver we will boost and grow your content to make you more professional and be more of a service to those who search for you. This works very well with our SEO service offer that you can look at above. Your content should be attractive to traffic and make them want to stick around and ask some questions.If they do stick around, then you need to make sure to answer any questions they have and entertain them or offer a service. Traffic is much more likely to stay (and be directed to your product via a smart website design also made by SAV) if you have a modern, effective marketing strategy.

Website Design

If SEO is the foundations of your business or blog, then website design is the castle that you build on top.

Website design covers so much of your online presence and here at SEO Agency Vancouver, we can provide all your solutions. Website design determines how a website presents content. Experts say that for every hour of content a potential customer reads, they are willing to spend $1,000, if you can successfully present your content in a fun, interesting way then you will be able to take advantage of this. However, if your website design is lacking then you may be missing out on thousands of dollars in revenue. To fix this, you will need to get a professional in to truly revolutionize the way your website runs and looks. SEO Agency Vancouver can do just that.

How Can SEO Agency Vancouver Help?

How can we help you achieve your "SEO goals for your business"? Before we go into that, let's first understand how SEO works.

What is SEO and How Does It Work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the way that search engines will rank content. How a search engine will rank something is by finding the results that are most suited to the search term. So, for example, searching for the term “dog adoption” will bring up the most relevant websites for dog adoption and display these above sites that are less suitable. This works for anything from business to blogs and is the sole reason why your website will come up on search terms.

This may sound basic, but it is essential to all website traffic and allows you to build on what your other factors like your website design, user experience and content. If the right SEO is not in place, then you will not be able to break into people’s searches or intrigue a potential customer enough to make them want to click on you.

SEO is also the best way for low budget blogs and businesses to advertise their wares to the online world. Effective SEO is known as an organic search result as it does not require any payment to be achieved. Google for example, has a number of organic search features on its search engine results pages (SERPS) such as the “People Also Ask” boxes.

SEO works by using the number of times the searched term was used in that piece. Say the term you are trying to achieve a high SEO rating is “dog adoption”. Those sites who use that specific term the most will come up higher than those who do not use that term. However, there are other ways of beating other websites to the top spot.

Another SEO tactic is to pick and choose your search terms carefully. There is no point trying to rank for a search term that you know has high competition- a term that already has lost of websites ranking for it. A clever business or blog will try and rank for terms that still have a high search rate yet little competition.

What SEO Agency Vancouver can do for you

We have many reasons why you should consider SEO Agency Vancouver  as your number one Vancouver based SEO service, here are just a few.Firstly, our experience. We have decades of experience dealing with all kinds of website solutions from SEO to website design. We have worked with a great many companies of all sizes requiring all kinds of website based solutions. All of this gives you peace of mind that regardless of your business or the service that you require, we will provide to you a complete service perfected by our decades of developing results-driven SEO services for types of businesses.

Our strategies are another reason why SEO Agency Vancouver  is one of the best Vancouver based SEO companies. As mentioned above, we have a wide range of experience dealing with all kinds of businesses. That means that through trial and error we have found the best methods to give you the best SEO service we can offer.

These methods have been altered and changed to match the changing style of the internet and websites in general, to make sure that you get a modern SEO solution that suits modern website performance problems on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Our flexibility is another aspect that our customers love and you will too. For example, our SEO service can last anywhere from one through to twelve months depending on your requirements and how competitive your Industry is

Niches such as Law, Dentistry, Real Estate, and specific products are very competitive and would warrant a long term SEO campaign in other to get positive results. That being said, it all depends on your current website performance on SERPs — it's possible to start seeing results within the first 2 months of SEO campaign. Duration of results varies from website to website

Want to see your website on the first page?

SEO Agency Vancouver will optimize your website to rank high on SERPs for your niche keywords


What others are saying about us

"I must say, I am quite fortune to have come across SEO Agency Vancouver (SAV). They delivered according to their promises"

Susanne Bailey via Google

"After jumping from one SEO agency to another, i finally found one that truly live up to their words. I am happy with the results so far"

Dorris Rhodes via Twitter

"First i didn't think this company will deliver what they said they will deliver. But after three months of my SEO campaign, i must say : they performed delivered as promised. "

Chris Ephraim via Facebook
  • Susanne Bailey
  • Dorris Rhodes
  • Chris Ephraim

What We Promise

These are our promises if you hire us for SEO

Positive SEO Results

We can guarantee that all of our SEO services are white hat and are completely safe for your business and website. White hat SEO is an SEO strategy that abides by the rules set out by the search engine. Its primary focus is to add value to people and properly connect to your traffic. Inversely, black hat SEO are techniques that try and fool or spam search engines into bringing up your website. Because of the risk to your websites trust and future on search engines, we only use white hat strategies and will never try and scam for the sake of SEO.

Website Performance

An efficient website design should streamline your traffic to your products and services. All of your content would be arranged in a way that people can move easily between the contents and the selling pages. Many websites find this hard to do and will suffer because of it. Here at SEO Agency Vancouver we have years of experience streamlining websites for ultimate user experience (UX and UI). We will optimize the speed on your website, and other ranking factors. We guarantee 100% website performance.

Internet Marketing

This may sound simple, however, we understand that modern, inbound marketing is hard work and requires an almost constant online presence. Something that someone running their own blog or business may not have. This is where SEO Agency Vancouver comes in. We will develop internet marketing strategies aligned with your business goals and objectives.

We will ensure that your website has a strong online presence across social media platforms and other marketing platforms across the world wide web.

Service Areas

These are the areas we provide SEO services to in Vancouver

What Makes Us Different?

Passion, Flexible, & Competitive


There are many reasons why we stand out from the crowd and why we are one of the top SEO companies in the Vancouver area. Here are some. Our flexibility. It does not matter which service you want from us, we can offer you any kind of time frame- from one month to twelve months, and at a price that reflects the service you require. This allows you to tailor make any contract with us and really personalize your all in one website solution.

When you are in the process of buying from us, you have all the control and you give us what you want doing, not the other way around. During the contract, we will follow your wishes to the letter and provide a finished result that is exactly as planned. Secondly, the complimentary nature of our services.



All of our services work very well together and when bought as one, will really revolutionize your online presence. The most important  service of the three is the SEO service, this the backbone of every website and something that you done quickly and professionally. For those with larger budgets, a combination of the three is recommended. For example, if you wanted an SEO service, then a internet marketing (including social media) would also make sense because the two go so well together. Our experience is also unrivaled in our field and we have decades of SEO and website knowledge under our sleeves.

We have dealt with a huge number of companies over the many years of operation and through that we know what works and what does not. This means that we have an unrivaled strategy for all of your website problems from SEO all the way to marketing solutions. We also partner with top SEO companies in other cities if the project is local. For example, we partnered with Webcarpenter SEO - one of the best SEO company in the city to Toronto to optimize an eCommerce website that generated huge sales that year. You can trust us to provide you with an excellent service and one that is fast, efficient and really gets the job done. It does not matter what you request, we have a service and a contract that will work for you.


Not sure what you want? Just ask us any question.

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